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Using the tools of observation and perception, Expression of the Immeasurably Miniscule draws connections between the seemingly opposing methodologies behind the investigation of energetic phenomena, both scientific and intuitive. Le Gear's practice explores light and homeopathy and the intersections where these explorations collide. A coexistence in this search are ways of observing light particles in other dimensions, particles of light underground in fairy circles to energy held within scientific instruments used to observe the stars. One side values the ethereal, the vague, the holistic,light, spatial experiments and synesthaesic metaphors – possibility. The other side requires grounding, definition, analysis, outcomes -but is searching for the intangible. Differing perspectives lending to a balanced approach. As part of her working methodologies, the artist investigates trituration, a homeopathic process which allows energy and resonance to be released from a space.There are many aspects to space and time and how they are entwined. Events from these spaces may still be held within the space. It cannot be said that one aspect is more important than another. Together they form a whole. This whole may be expressed under the heading of the integration of knowledge and direct experience. The concept of the the Infinitesimal is used to express the idea of objects so small that there is no way to see them or to measure them. Le Gear is engaged in field work in ritual archaeological and observational sites throughout Ireland using the form and content of these sites to understand the infinitesimal energy as held in story and found material and energetic fragments. Bringing the scientific and archaeological dimension into relation through homeopathic processes transforms these working spaces into creative sites of practice in which the infinitesimal becomes apparent and its the effect of its potency may be felt. Click here for video.